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About Terra Fermata

Terra Fermata Band was formed in 2017 and has evolved to today’s line-up of Dan Lohrfink on basses and other stringed instruments, lead vocalist and guitarist Bill Hugo and Tom McShane on drums. Terra Fermata performs music appreciated by rock fans of all persuasions. We bring upbeat and solid rock cover tunes to our energetic performances. As active musicians, band members can be seen performing solo and with other bands in the region. When they unite as Terra Fermata, look for an earthy classic and modern rock groove, with a touch of country, for a thoroughly entertaining performance.

Bill Hugo

Bill Hugo is both the lead vocalist and guitarist for Terra Fermata. He has been on the Baltimore music scene since relocating from New Orleans over 20 years ago. You may have caught one of Bill’s shows at the Maple Leaf Bar, Dante St. Café, or Cafe  Banquette in New Orleans, or around Maryland. Bill is one of the original founding member of the Terra Fermatta band but also performs as a solo acoustic guitarist and vocalist.   “It’s a lot of fun playing with with these guys,” Bill said. “The energy is fantastic, and it’s great seeing the crowd react, dance and have fun!”  

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Dan Lohrfink 

Dan has been playing bass, guitar, and even the occasional mandolin across the Mid-Atlantic region in duos, trios, quartets, all the way up up to nuftets.  From his early days in GTA, Flashback, and Blue Kharma to Glorify, Awestruck, Redeem The Day, Under Command, and Best Regards; and for the last 4 years, Terra Fermata. He has written & recorded several albums with prior bands, as well as sessions for other artists.  Once per decade, you might even find him on stage acting in a local theatrical production.   We're not sure if it's his playing or his bad jokes that bring more applause - and groans -  from the audience, but each show is a unique event, to be sure.  Come experience this for yourself!

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Tom McShane

Baltimore native, Tom still plays the Ludwig drum kit his mother bought for him when he was 13. His roots are Rock but has branched into Southern Rock and Modern Country in his other band gig with Southbound Band Baltimore, MD. Tom has also drummed for Baltimore bands The Ruxtones and Moten Gator back in the 70’s. After a career and kids break he has returned to playing drums with passion delivering a solid groove to the music.

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